About Us

Boccalino Fine Foods embodies restaurant quality and freshness because that’s exactly where it all started.

Boccalino began as a Swiss restaurant in the small Rocky Mountain town of Canmore. With a cut-no-corners approach, their Canadian take on classic Alpine cuisine earned them a cult following well beyond the town’s borders. Soon, enough people were clamouring for their Swiss and Caesar dressings that Boccalino the restaurant ceased to be, and Boccalino the salad dressing company was born.

In 2015, chef Jamie Ayles returned to Canmore where he was raised. After spending years working in kitchens around the world, Jamie wanted to bring his expertise to the local legend, and Boccalino’s next incarnation was born. Jamie and his team of chefs have continued to push the boundaries of freshness with innovative modern ideas, while introducing the classic salad dressings that made Boccalino great to the rest of the country. The rest is history.