Our story

In 1987, Chef Ernst Huerlimann and his wife Mary realized their dreams and opened a swiss restaurant in Canmore, Alberta. With so many outdoor enthusiasts among its inhabitants who were looking to fuel up with quality food that tasted delicious, the restaurant was an instant hit — especially the swiss style salad dressings.

The dressings became so popular, that “swiss dressing” as it became known around town, became its own separate hustle under the name Boccalino Grotto Fine Foods. The restaurant was sold so that Chef Ernst and Mary could focus on their salad dressings fulltime and give the people what they craved.

Chef Jamie Ayles is a born and raised Canmorite who grew up with Boccalino salad dressing on the family dinner table. In 2015, Jamie purchased Boccalino from his fellow chef and immediately went to work adding serious flavour bling to Boccalinos already impressive line-up of dressings (don’t worry, he didn’t mess with the classics).

Today, Boccalino continuously gets creative in the kitchen with some of the most original flavours in the game like Blue Cheese Ranch, Avocado Citrus, Burnt Orange Balsamic Vinegrette, Greek Goddess, House Italian and Mango Jalapeno Vinegrette. And coming in 2019, Vegan Caesar and Ranch options with be available in both bottles and pouches.

Choose from seven incredible flavours and make any meal bump with Boccalino.